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Vision and Values

JOFO Vision

JOFO aims to become one of the most innovative company in the non-woven material industry,  help customers achieve higher economic and social benefits through continuous innovation of products and solutions, improve the energy efficiency of the industrial parks by making use of biomass energy and central heating system, keep business growth in its business areas based on the principles of low carbon, environmental efficiency and circular economy, and make outstanding contributions to the sustainable development of the society.

 JOFO Values

Observance of Good Faith

Innovation and Improvement

Precise and Professional

Continuous Cooperation

Effective and Aggressive


» Observance of Good Faith

Show good faith in behaviors and actions;

Take the initiative to show good faith to our customers, suppliers and others;

Communicate with individuals and communities frankly and sincerely about the issues affecting them.


» Innovation and Improvement

Develop and foster innovative products, services and total solutions to enable the establishment of new markets and meet customer needs;

Break the routine and seek new opportunities to achieve greater success in the market;

Good at self-reflection and correction, and learn from mistakes;

Encourage and recognize new ideas and methods of work.


Precise and Professional

Be strict and cautious when working, be rigorous and careful when thinking;

Be concentrated for the best, no end for improvement of skill and technology;

Be professional in knowledge and technical in talents;

Supply special product to meet client’s individual demand.


» Continuous Cooperation

Treat others with respect;

Act as an active team member to communicate honestly to improve team performance;

Seek and provide constructive feedback to others to improve individual and team performance.

Establish a solid long-term relationship with partners to promote cooperation and achivement.

Deal with conflicts of interest from the perspective of long-term development, and avoid harm to the long-term partnership for short-term interests.


» Effective and Aggressive

Seek for speed and efficiency, maintain high sense of responsibility for work.;

Have a sense of urgency to meet customer expectations, and be good at fast response;

Take a healthy attitude towards failings;

Keep up with the best and fill the gaps quickly;

Set challenging goals;

Fulfill commitments and No Excuses.