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JOFO Honors

JOFO, with innovative and sustainable development outlook, can manufacture leading-edge products and engineering materials, and becomes a technically leading company in the industry.

JOFO’s past glories have been written into the history, whereas its innovative spirit will lead it to a higher level of accomplishment.

 JOFO Group

Awarded the title of “High-tech Enterprise”

Awarded the title of “Advanced Enterprise of Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in Chinese Chemical Fiber Industry”

Awarded the title of “500 High-quality Companies in China for Export and Provision of Service to Russia”

Awarded “Cotton Tree Award for Technology Innovation in Guangdong Nonwovens Industry”

Awarded “Industry Contribution Award” (conferred by China Nonwovens & Industrial Textiles Association)

Awarded “Annual Top 500 Most Competitive Enterprises in Chinese Textile and Clothing Industry (conferred by China Textile Industry Association)

JOFO is selected through appraisal as one of the top 30 companies in the global nonwoven industry by US “Nonwoven Industry”.

 JOFO Products

JOFO products have been awarded the tiles of “National Inspection-free Product”, “Provincial Famous Product” and “Provincial Sign Product” successively.