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JOFO’s Historical Milestones

We have been making innovations

JOFO, through a series of acquisitions, expansions and innovations, has possessed advanced non-woven material manufacturing technology and become a technically leading company in the industry.

Please refer to the timeline below to learn about How JOFO can manufacture leading-edge products and engineering materials through innovative and sustainable development.


Establishment of Zhaoqing JOFO Chemical Fiber Co., Ltd.


Establishment of Shandong JOFO Nonwoven Co. Ltd.


Establishment of Zhaoqing Tifo New Fiber Co., Ltd. through acquisition of the assets of Zhaoqing Chemical Fiber Factory


The new project of composite micro fiber of SDK Microfibre Co., Ltd. is put into production successfully.

Melt-blown nonwoven and SMS nonwoven production lines of Shandong JOFO Nonwoven Co. Ltd. are put into production successfully.


Establishment of JOFO Zhaoqing Webforma Co., Ltd.


Establishment of JOFO (Weifang)Nonvoven Co., Ltd.

Establishment of Shandong Nonwoven Material Engineering Center


Production expansion of JOFO Zhaoqing Webforma Co., Ltd.


It enters the geotextile material market, and its products are selected and used in Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway, Shanghai-Nanjing Intercity Railway, Zhaoqing municipal and national highway reconstruction projects

Establishment of Zhaoqing Geosynthetics Technology and Application Research Institute


It develops the project of Jiangxi Yichun JOFO Medical (Food) Science and Technology Park, and vigorously constructs central heating and nonwoven geotextile projects, infrastructure facilities, factory buildings and other supporting projects.